Our Spanish Morning Time Plans Are

Play Based

Everyone learns best when having fun. Our site is full of tips and tricks for making language learning exciting and fun for the whole family.

Research Based

We stay up to date on the latest research in language development and pass on to you the best practices for language acquisition.

Fun for Everyone

Our resources are geared for use with a wide variety of age groups. Parents, teens, and grandparents can learn along side small children.

Pam Barnhill

Host of Your Morning Basket Podcast

These easy-to-use plans are a fun way for any mom to bring Spanish to her Morning Time. Lauren has made it so easy, and I love the focus on the poetry and stories of the culture.

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Why We Care

We know firsthand how time consuming it can be to find quality resources in a minority language. We focus on making resources so you can focus on fun and connection with your children. All while strengthening your minority language. 

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