​Homeschooling resources for

​Bilingual Families.​ 

​If you know a second language - whether native or learned - you CAN pass it on to your children.

Our Resources Are

​Play Based

​Everyone ​learns best when having fun. ​Our ​site is full of tips and tricks for making ​language learning exciting and fun for the whole family.

​Research Based

​We stay up to date on the latest research in language development ​and pass on to you ​the best practices for language acquisition.

​Fun for Everyone

​​​​​Our resources are geared for use with a wide variety of age groups. Parents, teens, ​and grandparents can learn along side small children.

What is Morning Time and How it Transformed our Bilingual Homeschool
​Everyone who is homeschooling bilingually is swimming up stream. We encourage our kids to swim with us, but many days[...]
Language Journey Interrupted – A Cross Country Move
​What do you do when you lose your community?​I wrote previously how excited I was when I finally found a[...]
Authentic Author Spotlight Mar Pavón
Our Authentic Author Spotlight Series i​ntroduces you to the best authentic Spanish children’s authors out there. Each Spotlight ​includes a[...]

​Why We Care

​We know firsthand how time consuming it can be to find quality resources in a minority language. We ​focus on making resources so you ​can focus on fun and connection with your children. All while strengthening your minority language. 

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