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Our Authentic Author Spotlight Series i​ntroduces you to the best authentic Spanish children’s authors out there. Each Spotlight ​includes a brief bio and Five Fabulous Titles by the author.

Authentic Literature is a term used to describe books that are written in the author’s native, natural language. Reading authentic literature is an important part of your child’s minority language development.

Today’s Spotlight

Mar Pavón

Mar Pavón was born in 1968 in Manresa, Spain. When she was a child, her parents filled her mind with beautiful stories. With ​a head full of stories, she was eight years old when she realized she must write. And so she began.

Two different elementary school teachers encouraged her passion for the written word, and at the age of thirteen she decided without a doubt to pursue a literary career.

In her early years her published works were for an adult audience, but her writing took a turn towards children’s literature after the birth of her first son in 1996. 

We are thankful it did! Her children’s books explore a multitude of themes ranging from the silly and absurd to titles that deal with fear, sickness, and loss. Regardless of the theme, you will find her books packed with fabulous language and accompanied by equally fabulous illustrations. 

On a personal note, her book “La Gallina Cocorina” was the first Spanish-language title my children truly fell in love with! I have most of it memorized it from reading it so much. 

​In addition, many of her titles are easily found on Amazon for under $20!

​So without further ado, let's look at some of her books!

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Five Fabulous ​Titles ​from

Mar Pavón

​#1 La Gallina Cocorina

My children LOVE this book. You follow the hilarious doings of a mother hen as she haphazardly tries to care for her three chicks. It's a rhyming laugh the whole way through, and it's a series!

​Author: ​Mar Pavón

​Publisher: ​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: 978-84-​937814-6-0

​​#2 ​¡Eso No Es Normal!

​Another humorous story with a meaningful ending. An elephant with an abnormally long trunk is made fun of by ​​another animal, until that trunk comes in handy in a time of need.

​Author: ​​Mar Pavón

​Publisher: ​Nube Ocho

​ISBN: ​978-84-​944137-8-0

​​#3 ​Un Tractor Muy, Muy Ruidoso

​Join one unconventional farmer on a bumpy ride home! The illustrations in this story are marvelous, as are the numerous adjectives townfolk use to describe this eccentric farmer as she passes by.

​Author: ​​Mar Pavón

​Publisher: ​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​978-84-​15619611

​​#4 ​​La Noche de los Ruidos

​This ​book deals seriously with a child's fear of the dark. Some of the illustrations may be scary for very small children. However, when you turn the book around and read it the other way, ​children can see where each of the bumps in the dark originate.

​Author: ​​​Mar Pavón

​Publisher: ​​​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​9​78-​84-15784-96-8

​​#5 ​Ser Filiberta

​This is another silly book that deals with a child's imagination and the ​need ​to listen to children. When María declares she is Filiberta, all chaos insues as her parents try to "fix" her. In the end, a listening ear is all she needs...well, and space to imagine.

​Author: ​​​Mar Pavón

​Publisher: ​​​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​9​78-84-15619-69-7

Disclaimer: ​Some links on this site may be affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through these links I receive a miniscule commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Now you know, if you're ​at the library, a bookstore, or shopping online, you can confidently grab anything from Authentic Author ​Mar Pavón!

​What are your favorite titles from Mar Pavón? ​

​What author deserves to be our next featured Authentic Author?

Let me know in the comments!  

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