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Our Authentic Author Spotlight Series i​ntroduces you to the best authentic Spanish children’s authors out there. Each Spotlight ​includes a brief bio and Five Fabulous Titles by the author.

Authentic Literature is a term used to describe books that are written in the author’s native, natural language. Reading authentic literature is an important part of your child’s minority language development.

Today’s Spotlight

Susanna Isern

​Susanna Isern grew up in the shadow of the Pyrenees mountains, and enjoyed her freedom to run wild in nature as a child. She is now a professor of psychology at the Universidad Europa del Atlántico and a mother of three.

​In addition, Isern is an accomplished children's author. She combines her love of literature with her knowledge of psychology to write beautiful stores that ​lift up compassion, imagination, team-work, and empathy. 

​It is hard to believe that she only published her first book in 2011. In just a few short years, she has published over thirty children's books and won numerous awards for her stories.

​The titles highlighted below are my personal favorites from Susanna Isern. ​The first two stories are so beautiful, I regularly cry when reading them aloud to my children. 

​Many of her titles are easily found on Amazon for under $20!

​So without further ado, let's look at some of her books!

​Five ​Picture Books by Susanna Isern

​1) Cartas En El Bosque

This is my all-time favorite story by Isern. A sweet tale of a lonely postman who is constantly helping others mend relationships. ​When they community realizes what he's up to, they come together to ​let him know he is seen.

Author: ​​Susanna Isern

​Publisher: ​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​978-84-16147-94-6

​​2) Oso Quiere Volar

​When poor bear is determined to fly, the other animals laugh at his silly dream. ​But after seeing his perseverance and determination, the whole forest community comes together to help him accomplish his dreams.

​Author: ​​​​Susanna Isern

​Publisher: ​​​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​​​978-84-16147-44-1

3) Tren de Invierno

A lovely story of animals migrating south (on a train) when they realize they have accidentally left one friend in the cold north! If they turn around now, they might get stuck in the coming snow. Is rescuing their friend worth the risk?

Author: ​​​Susanna Isern

​Publisher: ​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​978-84-15784-80-7

4) Esto No Es Una Selva

When a little girl refuses to clean up after herself, her mother states in a fit of frustration that ​her room looks like a jungle. ​Then her room starts to change for real​! Will ​the realities of jungle life bring about a change of heart?

​Author: ​​​Susanna Isern

​Publisher: ​​Editorial Flamboyant

​ISBN: ​​​978-84-946035-2-5

​5) La Musica Del Mar

​After a terrible storm ravages a small seaside town, ​all the villagers leave except for one fisherman and his young daughter. As the two of them work to rebuild their lives, the music of the sea soothes their loneliness. This is a story of perseverance and hope. 

​Author: ​​​Susanna Isern

​Publisher: ​Cuento de Luz

​ISBN: ​​​978-84-16733-27-9

Disclaimer: ​Some links on this site may be affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through these links I receive a minuscule commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Now you know, if you're ​at the library, a bookstore, or shopping online, ​anything from Authentic Author ​​Susanna Isern is worth taking home!

​​Want to learn more?

​Click the links below to learn about other authentic Spanish authors we love!

Authentic Author Spotlights

​​​​Who is your favorite authentic Spanish Author? 

​Let us know in the comments!  

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