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​Practical Tips for Bilingual Homeschooling:

What is Morning Time and How it Transformed our Bilingual Homeschool
​Everyone who is homeschooling bilingually is swimming up stream. We encourage our kids to swim with us, but many days[...]
What Our Bilingual Homeschool Looks Like for 2019
One of the biggest questions I get asked is How exactly do you homeschool in two languages? ​I figured the[...]
How To Use Montessori Three-Part Cards
Montessori 3-Part Cards are a beautiful way for children to interact with new information. Because these cards can be used[...]

​Best Practices for Bilingual Homeschooling:

The Birth to Five Window – Why Early is Better
Speaking two languages is a cool skill, but does it really matter when your kids start learning? The answer is[...]
The Bilingual Formula – How to Make Fluency Happen
​People often ask me how I - a non-native speaker of Spanish -  am managing to raise bilingual children.  ​The[...]

​Real People, Real Stories:

Language Journey Interrupted – A Cross Country Move
​What do you do when you lose your community?​I wrote previously how excited I was when I finally found a[...]
The Power of Community: Finding My People
For almost two years I had been stumbling about on this language journey alone. Then I found my people!I wrote[...]
Why I Almost Quit Before I Started.
My years of studying Spanish, traveling, and living abroad did not prepare me for the one thing I needed now:[...]

​Our passion is to resource your family's bilingual adventure.

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