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​Books are my love language. And books in SPANISH? Even more so!

I know from experience it can be time consuming to find books in Spanish on specific topics, and even harder to track down the books on said list.

In an effort to make this as easy as possible for you to find these titles, I include the Title, Author, and ISBN for each of my recommendations. I also include ​links to both Amazon and the publisher. 

​And remember, ​the library is your friend. If your library doesn't have these titles, ask about interlibrary loan or request that they purchase them.

So without further ado..​.

​Five Fabulous Spanish Alphabet Books

​#1 Abecedario Escondido

Simple text with fabulous illustrations. The letters are hidden in or part of each illustration, ​so kids can enjoy finding the letter on each page.

​Author: Imapla

​Publisher: Editorial Juventud

​ISBN: 978-84-261-444-7

​​#2 AbeceCirco

​Each page has a single sentence in which each word begins with the same letter. For example "Unicornios únicos usan uñas ultramodernas". Unique unicorns use ultra-modern nails. The accompanying illustrations, say, of unicorns flying through flaming circus hoops with rainbow painted toe nails?...are incredible!

​Author: ​Daniel Nesquens

​Publisher: Anaya

​ISBN: ​978-84-678-6145-7

​​#3 Los Niños Valientes

​This book produced genuine gut laughs in my kids. Each letter is for a name, and that person does something brave...​or silly. Like jumping rope with a snake, or licking socks. We read this one many times.

​Author: ​Fermín Solís

​Publisher: ​Libre Albedrío

​ISBN: ​​978-84-942313-5-3

​​#4 ​De la A a los Zapatos

​This book ​has gorgeous whimsical illustrations with short poems for each letter. Each letter is highlighted a different color in "its" poem, so it's easy for kids to point out the emphasised letter.

​Author: ​​Florencia Stamponi

​Publisher: ​​Ediciones Lea

​ISBN: ​​9​78-987-718-155-5

​​#5 ​​Animaletras

​Similar to the previous book, this book also has short rhyming poems for each letter. However, these poems are all based on animals with bright, colorful illustrations to match. The Amazon Link goes to a Scholastic reprint with a different cover, but it is the same book!

​Author: ​​F​rancisca palacios

​Publisher: ​​​Editorial Amanuta

​ISBN: ​​9​78-987-718-155-5

Disclaimer: ​Some links on this site may be affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through these links I recieve a miniscule commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

So there you have it! Five fabulous Spanish alphabet books. I hope this saves you some time searching!

A​ny books you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!  

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Lauren Stengele

Lauren is a 4th generation Mexican-American, and 2nd generation homeschooler. She learned Spanish as a way to reclaim her heritage, and now passes it on to her three children whom she homeschools bilingually. She started Bilingual Together to provide encouragement and resources to other bilingual homeschooling families.

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