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​​Quantity language exposure is one of the necessary elements for raising bilingual children. One of the easiest ways to get lots of minority words into your kid's brains is to take advantage of screen time!

​​The visual elements combined with native speaking voices make it a great way to get a lot of minority language words into your little one's brains. ​If you ​ask them to tell you about the show afterwards (in Spanish), then the quanitity screen time is paired with quality conversation for excellent minority language exposure!

​​Most kids today are on a screen at some point during a normal week. Not to mention sick days, snow storms, or even just mama-needs-a-break moments​. So let's make those moments count towards minority language exposure!


​Five ​YouTube Channels for Spanish Learners

​#1 ​Peppa Pig en Español Latino

​Peppa is a fun and spunky pig with a gaggle of animal friends and a little brother George. ​Each episode is 5 minutes long and focuses on themes of family, friendship, compassion, and helping others.

​​#2 ​Spanish Playground

​Older kids may enjoy these shorts with two live actors​ who talk about a variety of topics. Watch them with your kids and talk about them afterwards. This turns quantity language exposure into quality language exposure!

​​#3 ​Pocoyo en Español Latino

​​Pocoyo is an adorable toddler dressed in blue with spunky side kick animal friends. Pocoyo barely speaks, but the narrator's clear voice is easy to follow. This is a wonderful show for very little kids, but older kids may enjoy the silly interactions between caracters.

​​#4 ​Basho & Friends

​Basho wins for cool dude factor, fun, and quality language learning videos. He not only sings in Spanish, but in French and Mandarin as well. So your Spanish learners can try a new language if they're so inclined.

​​#5 ​​​Rockalingua

​Rockalingua posts fun and upbeat songs ​centered around different vocabulary themes. ​Their catchy tunes and ​colorful videos are fun for little kids and older language learners. On their website they have printable coloring pages and online games as well.

Disclaimer: ​​Please take care with little ones and YouTube. These links all point towards wonderful language learning channels, but there is no telling where kids may navigate to from there. Be wise.

​I hope you enjoy these channels!

A​ny ​other YouTube channels for Spanish learning you would add to this list?

Let me know in the comments!  

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