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Cesta Mañanera VERANO Free Trial


Before you buy, give it a try!

Click here to access Week 2 of our Cesta Mañanera VERANO Morning Time Plan FOR FREE.

This download incudes all activities for Week 2 from our 10-Week Cesta Mañanera VERANO Morning Time Plan, including 10 printable flashcards that correspond with Week 2 vocabulary. We hope you enjoy!

Cesta Mañanera VERANO pulls together resources from all over Latin America and brings them together in a self-contained, easy to use, versatile plan that focuses on deepening language proficiency through exposure to music, literature, and high-frequency vocabulary.

​The full Cesta Mañanera VERANO plan contains:

  • 100 high-frequency VOCABULARY words with printable flashcards.
  • 5 carefully selected MEMORIZATION pieces.
  • List of living BOOKS written in original Spanish as well as translated favorites.
  • Upbeat MUSIC the whole family will enjoy.
  • Weekly NATURE and CRAFT activities.