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Seasonal Morning Time Plans in Spanish

Each Spanish Morning Time Plan contains ten weeks of seasonally themed activities to support Spanish language learning at home. 

Click on a plan to learn more, or click button to purchase.

Spring Morning 
Time Plan ($14)

Winter Morning 
Time Plan ($14)

Fall Morning 
Time Plan ($14)

Summer Morning 
Time Plan ($14)

Bundle and save! ($48)

Receive our best deal by purchasing all four together.

Seasonal Flashcards in Spanish

Each Seasonal Flashcard pack contains 100 high-frequency vocabulary words formatted for use as traditional flashcards or Montessori Three-Part Cards. 

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Just the Flashcards Primavera

100 Spring
Vocab Words

Just the Flashcards Invierno

100 Winter
Vocab Words

Just the Flashcards Otoño

100 Fall
Vocab Words

Just the Flashcards Verano

Summer Vocab Words

Bundle and save! ($24)

Receive our best deal by purchasing all four together. 

What People Are Saying


Refreshing and Helpful for Language Aquisition

I found it so refreshing to let go of having Spanish as a “subject” and instead just start our morning with Spanish music, literature, and memory work. The memory work is very helpful for language acquisition and we learned so many new Spanish words through memorizing the poems. Overall, I think this plan does a great job providing everything a parent needs to have Morning Time in Spanish.

Raquel R , Homeschool Mom

Love the Simplicity

We just started our Verano Morning Time Plan and I LOVE how simple it is to use! I feel like I just saved hours of research and planning by purchasing this curriculum (always a win for a busy mom). My kiddos are getting exposed Spanish and having fun doing it.

Rebecca S , Homeschool Mom

Excellent Morning Time Plans

I think these morning time plans are excellent, and they have really helped me be more intentional with incorporating Spanish poetry and books into our day. I like having all the options for books and poetry. We have really enjoyed using the fall selections and are looking forward to winter!

Amy L , Homeschool Mom

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Everyone learns best when having fun. Our site is full of tips and tricks for making language learning exciting and fun for the whole family.

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We stay up to date on the latest research in language development and pass on to you the best practices for language acquisition.

Fun for Everyone

Our resources are geared for use with a wide variety of age groups. Parents, teens, and grandparents can learn along side small children.

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We know how time consuming it is to find quality resources to support your minority language at home.

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