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Our goal at Bilingual Together is to encourage and resource families of any faith to pursue raising bilingual children. For this reason, our Morning Time Plans are faith-neutral ​so families of any faith can use them to increase Spanish exposure in their home.

That said, we ​love the Bible, and over the years I have found wonderful resources for studying the Bible together as a family. Here, I’ve included ​six of those resources that are available in many languages!

​​Six Multilingual Resources for Bible Study with Kids

​1) ​​Questions With Answers

Dana Dirksen is the ​voice of Songs for Saplings - a non profit organization that is providing music that clearly communicates Scripture and its rich truths in clear, memorable and very enjoyable ways. The Questions with Answers project consists of six albums ​that are available in many languages. Each track makes it fun and easy to memorize the catechism and corresponding scripture verses. We use these songs in our Morning Time.

​Who: ​​​Dana Dirksen

​What: ​​​catechism songs

​Number of Languages: 11

​English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Chichewa, Swahili, French, Ukrainian, Polish, Swedish, Russian

​​2) ​Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids is a free app with 41 Bible stories. Kids can read on their own or use the narrated read-along option. ​Every story includes ​touch-activated animations, games, and activities to help kids remember what they're learning. ​There's free coloring sheets ​too. ​​Find directions to switch the language​ here.

Who: ​​​​​​YouVersion (the parent company)

​What: ​​​​Bible App for Kids

​Number of Languages: ​9

Portuguese, Chinese (​simplified), Korean, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Russian

3) ​The Bible Project

The Bible Project is "a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere". ​Their videos are now available in ​16 languages, with more in translation. To see a complete list of languages available click here.

​Who: ​​​​​The Bible Project

​What: ​​Bible videos and resources

​Available Languages: ​​​16

​Bahasa, Portuguese, Cantonese, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Telugu, Vietnamese

4) ​​Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Story Book Bible is a work of art. Sally Lloyd-Jones beautifully ​tells the redemption story from Genesis to Revelation through key Biblical stories. At the end of each story she points the listener to Jesus. Just as beautiful as the language are the captivating illustrations by Jago. This Bible is an excellent first Bible for children, though my older children still enjoy these stories. ​It is ​available in 38 languages.

​Who: ​​​​Sally Lloyd-Jones

​What: ​​​Jesus Storybook Bible

​Available Languages: ​​​​38

​5) ​The Action Bible

The Action Bible is the Bible in graphic novel form. Illustrated by DC and Marvel Comics artist, Sergio Cariello, the illustrations are ​mesmerizing. With so many images to support the text, it makes ​the reading experience more approachable for many beginning readers or children whose minority language reading skills are not as advanced as their majority language. The Action Bible is available in 29 languages.

​Who: ​​​S​ergio Cariello

​What: ​​The Action Bible

​Languages Available: ​​​​29

​5) ​​YouVersion

​Although this free app is not directed at children, the amazing ​number of languages available make it necessary to include on this list. The app interface is available in 60 languages, and the Bible itself is available in over 1,300 languages! Many of the languages available on this app also have an audio version available so it is easy to listen to the Bible, read by native speakers, in your minority language. Directions for accessing other languages here.  

​Who: ​​​​YouVersion

​What: ​​The Bible App

​Languages: ​​​​1,300+

Disclaimer: ​Some links on this site may be affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase through these links I receive a minuscule commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

​I hope you find these resources useful in your bilingual home!

​​​​​​What other Bible study resources ​do you use with your kids? 

​Let us know in the comments!  

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Lauren Stengele

Lauren is a 4th generation Mexican-American, and 2nd generation homeschooler. She learned Spanish as a way to reclaim her heritage, and now passes it on to her three children whom she homeschools bilingually. She started Bilingual Together to provide encouragement and resources to other bilingual homeschooling families.

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